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Bummed about a crossman

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Posted 25 July 2008 - 01:47 PM

I know this is an "older" thread, but I just got back on after a long hiatus and was reading up. I have the Gamo Shadow, and the fliers WERE horrible. I finally noticed that the scope stop was creeping and the scope was going with it. I tried several different solutions, before I got good ol' JB Weld out. I put a thin bead behind the scope stop and the creep and fliers stopped. Now she's a tackdriver that I feel comfortable dispatching squirrels and fuzzy targets with! :signs1180lq:

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Posted 25 July 2008 - 04:47 PM

. . .good ol' JB Weld out. I put a thin bead behind the scope stop and the creep and fliers stopped. Now she's a tackdriver that I feel comfortable dispatching squirrels and fuzzy targets with! :roflmao3[1]:

If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's an electrical problem. Good old American ingenuity.

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Posted 27 August 2008 - 10:20 PM

Hi, folks!I have to say something about Crosman/Remington.I had Crosman Storm XT. This is good value for money, but need a bit of work.All Crosman/Remington rifles contains too much lubricant inside. This substance produces diesel-effect that cause to random-higher speed of pellet. So you will have a random speed and random recoil. This will disallow good accuracy for you. And first rounds you may hear sound like firearm :)As result of this you may loose your mainspring (unable to cock) or spring seal (loosing the power).ADVICE: use double rounds to minimize diesel-effect when starting to shoot, but is better to clean the rifle... See below...2 Storm XT and 2 Remington Summit rifles was a bit tuned by me while here.I`ve cleaned compression chamber and barrel from grease and factory lubricant, polish the chamber, added some RWS special oil inside of chamber and around piston seal. This procedure require full disassembling the rifle.Adjustable trigger.The trigger adjust screw located behind the trigger and is easy to be used. Pay some attention to manual, guys. Actually trigger starts to work softer after cleaning, oiling, and shooting 50-100 rounds.Stock.I put some electric tape lines under the compressor to minimize vibration.Screws.I use the gun locker fluid to all screws including the scope`s ones.Accuracy.I may hit the tennis ball from 60-70 yards without problems. Group at paper target was about 1 inch from 30 yards. See that I supported the forearm with hands from sitting position. And wind was blow.... With sandbag I think the accuracy of this tests may be better.Right now I have the Remington Summit. This one have the same metal parts as Crosman Storm XT and Quest, but stock is better, scope is more advanced and muzzle break is coming with factory combo. It have a little better accuracy for muzzle weight at the end of the barrel and heavy scope.I recommend this rifles, but see that:1) They should be selected when buy at store because the barrel and compressor axes must be parallel. There are many defective rifles with this issue. You will be unable to adjust the scope in future.2) They should be maintained as described above to make them valid for shooting.If you need some advices - welcome.

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Posted 03 September 2008 - 10:51 AM

Sorry to hear about the Crosman. What model was it? I bought a Crosman 800X in .22cal on line last year for $115.00 and have had nothing but good luck with it. I have since upgraded it with a Charlie Dah Tuna trigger and a Leapers 3-9x40 scope. It will drop a crow like a rock, and will do the job on the bunnies as long as you get a head shot. About the same time I bought the Crosman I purchased a Beeman SS1000H in .22cal online from Cheaper Than Dirt for $140.00. It came with a 3-9x40 scope that was good enough. Both the Beeman and the Crosman were made in China. The Beeman is longer & heavier than the Crosman and just a little more accurate. In fps the Beeman shoots about 30 -40 fps faster than the Crosman with the Beeman putting out an RWS superdome at about 760fps to the Crosmans 730fps. The plus's for the Crosman is that it cocks easier, is shorter and handier in the field, and I like the ergonomics of the stock better. If your looking for a cheep strait out of the box break barrel I would go with the Beeman but it is a close race. Now if your really serious about a springer airgun, and you aren't afraid to drop some $$$$, check out the Air Arms Prosport or Tx200. I have the Prosprt and it is unreal. The thing shoots every type of pellet I put through it into dime sized groups. The workmanship is beautiful. The recoil is next to nothing. Oh and it comes with a shrouded barrel that acts like a "sound moderator." The bunnies never know what hit them.Now I understand that BAM Airguns from China makes a copy of the TX200 under the name of the B40. Reading some of the Airgun forums, although not the TX200, it's a close copy and really good shooter and retails for about $250.00. (the TX200 sells for about $550.00)OK probably more than you wanted to know.Mc

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Posted 01 January 2009 - 04:17 PM

I was looking at those crossmans at walmart today than i thought of matts problem with his.Slon you seem to know a lot about the internal funtion of air rifles. Do you think it is worth it to get a crossman or is it a waste of money.

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