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Where to hunt ground squirrels?

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#1 Hot Brass

Hot Brass

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Posted 29 March 2008 - 01:35 PM

I have hunted the Ca ground squirrel for many many years. I started out with a Sherridan .20 cal, and it was lots of fun. A friend loaned me his springer (RWS Mod 48 .22) for 3 days to try out. I had a RWS 48 .177 a week after he came and got his gun. I have never looked back.To the topic.Where to hunt? I ride around with my airgun in the truck and stop at farms and dairies. I carry my pellets in a belt pouch on my waist (no jokes). If I see a property that has lots of ground squirrels I stop and introduce myself to the person that looks like he is in charge. Example, Hello sir, my name is Bo and I see that you have lots of GS damage to your property. I hunt so and so`s property and I do it with an airgun. NOW BEFORE the person can get a word out I have opened the belt pouch and have a pellet out for the person to see. You will be surprised at how this calms them down. Not wanting a powder burner on the property. My airgun is in the bed of the truck, I open the tailgate, get the case, open it and present the airgun to said person. I ask them to hold it, (most don`t want to) (but you see I OFFERED). I load a pellet and shoot it away from cattle, cows, horses, buildings, or anything that can, might, may or will be damaged. Let the owned know that you respect his property. Don`t shoot near the animals, trucks, tractors, buildings, etc.I dress for the occasion, blue jeans and a t-shirt. Be courtious, be nice, and when you leave the property tell the owner/person in charge how many GS you killed. I killed 100+ GS next to a feed/grain storage building and told the owner. He said REALLY? Kill them all!Yesterday I was on my motorcycle and stopped by a farmers truck, he was working the water. I asked and was told that I would take his card, call him in two weeks and he will watch me and make a decision. He stated if I did good he would introduce me to other farmers in the area. In all the years that I have airgun hunted I have been turned down once, and it by a woman. She had that look on her face when I got out of the truck. She was not nice.

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Posted 29 March 2008 - 02:23 PM

Great post topic. :signs1180lq: I've met that same woman! :roflmao3[1]: A few times too. :smiley_kewlpics: It is all about being courteous and airguns are usually a great way to get your foot in the door so to speak. Most smaller operations aren't afraid to let a person with an airgun shoot there.

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Posted 29 March 2008 - 07:18 PM

:signgreatreport3kg: :doh[1]:

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