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El Cheapo Bipod

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#1 aquaelvis



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Posted 11 February 2008 - 04:52 PM

The problem:I lost my bipods/sticks. (the ones on Varmint Al's page) Those were nice but I must have left them somewhere? Anyway, was watching a lot of the episodes of Predator Quest and really liked the long bipod idea. I liked how Les was able to set it out on the butt and bipod and it was ready as well as steady. I already had dropped my rifle on the scope while using those sticks. (not steady)So, the day before mye brother-in-law and I were going hunting I had a problem. No sticks and no bipod... nothing! The Solution:My bro-in-law had an older bipod laying around. It was no good as it was, it was for shooting prone. It was some $19.99 one he had picked up years ago. Since shooting prone was not going to work I had to add some legs.I first pulled the rubber feet off, there were roll pins holding them on. This bipod was spring loaded, to retract the legs. Upon taking the roll pins out that released the the spring. I then took the upper bolt out and removed the leg from the bipod. I was then able to remove the spring from the leg.Next I went to Lowes and picked up some 1/4 inch metal rods. I inserted these into the lower leg section and made a mark where the roll pins for the feet were. I then drilled holes in the metal rods. Now instead of feet, there were 36 inch sections of 1/4 inch rod hanging out. (make sense?) This started out to be a very temp fix until I could decide what bipod to buy and get it shipped. But after completion, I really like this set up. It is still adjustable, I did not loose that from the original set up. I did loose the spring loaded leg retraction but that is no big deal. I can adjust either leg or both, in case of a sideways shot on a hill, etc. The barrel is 28 inches high at the extended leg position. (I cut down the rods after it was finished and I took measurments) If the lower legs of the bipod are not extended, the barrel is about 22 inches off the ground. This is perfect for me if I am shooting on flat ground from a sitting or kneeling position. The higher setting is perfect for when I am sitting on a hillside/incline. (I am 6 foot)I was not going to keep this set up, I wanted a swivel bipod instead. These "legs" are just 1/4 inch so they have a ton of give. They are sturdy but still have plenty of flex if you need it. I have full (and easy) range of motion with this. (up, down, side to side, etc) Their flex allows me to move the rear of the gun with easy, still keeping the front stable.I just used electrical tape on the exposed part of the legs. I colored the pins black. I was unsure about the length of the legs so I just taped the old feet on so it would be easy to cut the legs if needed. I will drill the bottom of the legs and attach the feet with the roll pin again. The legs are easy to remove, but even in the folded position they only add 9 inches to my gun. Total cost for this was about $6.50 not counting the crappy bipod. Attached File  1.jpg   31.49KB   16 downloads(I tried to add more pics but they are too large. You can see more at the CVC site)

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Posted 11 February 2008 - 05:53 PM

Looks pretty good to me. And if it works that is really all that matters. Nice going.

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Posted 11 February 2008 - 05:59 PM

cool, thats awesome that you could adapt the old bipod to your needs. have you shot it with the legs fully extended yet? being 1/4 inch legs, does it seem like it would damage easy if it were bumped hard?Nice job. let us know how it shoots.

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