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Crosman at 2012 Shot Show

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Posted 26 January 2012 - 04:08 PM

Hi my fellow Air Gunners, Well, I've been looking at the Crosman website and reviewing some of their latest items that were at the 2012 Shot Show and was wondering if the rest of you have taken a look and, or have any thoughts on any of the items? I was very interested in the MAR177, that is until I saw the price was $750. The MAR177 is a match grade upper in .177 shooting at 600 FPS and built to attach to a standard AR lower. However, at $750 I'll invest that money in some other equipment. Some other items I thought were interesting, but probably won't purchase are the MAV77, which is the underlever .177 gun. If they come out with one in .22 or .25, I might be tempted, but my uses for a .177 are limited when it comes to air guns and I already have a .177 in my arsenal. I also liked the look of the TR77, but once again, I don't have a great need for a .177. I am very interested in the Break Barrel Pistol that is powered by the Nitro Piston, hopefully it will be released at a reasonable price point. I'm also interested in the re-released 1322 and will hopefully be getting one sometime in the near future. The rest of the air guns look nice, but I don't currently have a use for them; though I do like the looks of the Woods Walker, but I know it's just a camoed version of the current Marauder Pistol and will cost more. I'll stick with getting a standard Marauder Pistol eventually. I like that they are offering the 4500 PSI bottles now in the buddy size and the larger one also. If they are reasonably priced I might get the small one, unless they cost about the same as the ones Joe has, then I'll get mine from Joe. The air pump looks lame! And since they said it is the same type of pump that just evens out the pumping stroke, you know it's going to need rebuilding every two months just like the current one. That's not good and not worth the extra cost (at least you figure they will ask more for it). Airsoft I'm not into, so I didn't even look at any of that stuff. In the Optics section, I saw the CenterPoint HD Camera is a good idea and I'm interested in it, however, if it only zooms to 2.5x and 5x it won't do much good for shots past 15 yards; unless it's original starting focus is at say 15 to 20 yards, then it might be doable for shots out to 40 yards or so. I'll wait for the reviews on that one though and wait for a price. I think it is a great idea, but they need to give it more zoom power. There were a few scopes/sights that caught my eye, but I'll wait for reviews. In the gear section, I saw the Nosler pellets in .22 and .25. I'm out on those right now until I see balistics tests done with Marauder Rifles with those pellets. I'm sure they are expensive and if they are anything like the .357 Noslers for the Rogue, they won't expand enough to be useful. For now I'll stick to the Predator Polymags unless test results show the Noslers to be a more accurate and devestating projectile to use. The other new pellets look like copies of the Skenko High Velocity, lead-free pellets and look as if they could possibly even be supplied to Crosman by Skenko. I've used the 16.7 grain Skenkos in my Trail NPXL 1100 with varying results. Not a very consistant pellet and absolutely no deformation, even when shot directly into a dirt hillside. I've pulled them out from shooting point blank into a dirt hillside and even the plastic casing at the back still looks almost new. I figure if you did hit something with it, it would pass right through. I guess I should get a single shot tray for my .22 Marauder and try them out to see if they hold any accuracy in it or if they are shotgun pellets. Well, take a look and share your thoughts. :smiley-innocent-halo-yellow:

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Posted 26 January 2012 - 07:14 PM

Not much in the offerings from Crosman this year...I think all the loot they invested in the Rouge last year has caught up to them.I will say though,the 1322 is a fun pistol.Just got one yesterday at Big Five. Have already ordered the Crosman steel breech and may dive into some power mods...

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