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M rod P testing

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Posted 26 December 2010 - 08:10 PM

Attached File  1.jpg   16.92KB   16 downloadsThere's the new Marauder Pistol, 22 caliber, 8 shot mag, 65 cc 2900 psi air reservoir, 18" overall length, barrel is 11.25", weighs 2.7 lbs, comes with a shoulder stock, trigger pull 1.5 - 3.0 lbs. Does not come with sights. The scope is my old Burris fixed 10X pistol scope.Did the sight-in on a 10.5" target paper with a aiming point in the center, set at 30 yards. First two shots were barely on the paper in the lower left corner. Six shots and 1 3/4 turns up and right later it was sighted in. Recharged the air to 2900 psi and loaded the mag. At a 2900 psi charge, as indicated by the gauge on the fill hose, the manometer on the gun was indicating about 2650 psi. My intent was to continue loading the mag, with Crosman Premier Pellets, and shooting until the shots started dropping out of the group due to low air pressure.Attached File  2.jpg   12.68KB   21 downloadsAfter two 8 shot mags the group looked like this. My aiming point was the upper right corner of the tape. After the 16 shots the manometer had dropped from an indicated 2650 psi to 2050 psi. After 24 rounds the manometer was down to 1650 psi.Attached File  3.jpg   14.5KB   16 downloadsFour mags, 32 shots, and the shots started to drop out of the group. At this point the manometer was at 1300 PSI. Decided that this was the shot limit for the present level of tune. Benjamin claims that they tune for 700 fps at the factory. I was short of time and the cloud cover was so dark I didn't think the chrono would work, so no velocity data on this report.Attached File  4.jpg   11.13KB   18 downloadsRecharged the air reservoir to 2900 psi and shot the group on target 3. Not to bad for an eight shot group. At this point all I have done is mount the scope and shoot the gun. No cleaning, no adjustments, no pellet tests, just shoot it as it arrived in the box with Crosman Premier Pellets. Group is about 1".Charged the air again and moved the target to 50 yards. No sight changes until we see where it is going to hit at 50. Had some light breeze with the direction varying considerably. The group was on the very edge of the 5.25" target paper and approx 2.625" below the point of aim with considerable horizontal spread. Recharged the air for the next 50 yard group. About the same results as on the previous target, time to crank the up knob.Attached File  5.jpg   13.26KB   18 downloadsFor shots 9 - 16, on this air fill, came up 30 clicks for target 6. Should mention that this scope has 1/8 minute clicks. The group came up about one inch on the 50 yd target.Up ten more clicks and a fresh air fill for target #7, still at 50 yds. Throwing out one high flyer the center of the remaining seven shots was about 1.25" below point of aim. The group measured about 1.375", no pic. Clouds dense, close to sunset, good excuse for misses. Back to 30 yards for shots 9 - 16 of the current air fill. First three shots were 1.25" high from the point of aim. Down 30 clicks. One wild flyer. Four shots at point of aim in half inch group, no pic .Seems to be reasonably accurate and adequate for small game inside of 33 yards, like the company claims. The company warns against filling with air pressure over 2900 psi, as you may get a valve lock and the gun will malfunction. Now, I just have to find squirrels that will let me within 25 yds or so.

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Posted 26 December 2010 - 08:30 PM

Nice write up. I'm thinking the Marauder pistol is on my wish list for 2011. It would go nicely with my .25 Mrod and .22 MAC1 Disco. That's a pretty good group at 50 yards for a pistol too.

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Posted 27 December 2010 - 06:04 AM

Nice Review.

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Posted 27 December 2010 - 09:24 AM

Great review. Nice shooting with a pistol. I know when I used to shoot pistol's a lot it really improved my shooting when I went back to shooting a rifle to. Trigger control is so much more important when shooting a pistol. I am sure you will be able to take some squirrels with it. Just going to have to sneak a little closer.

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