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Vortex Viper 5x20x50

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#1 norcalkiller



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Posted 18 August 2009 - 10:03 PM

im looking at gettin a vortex viper 5x20x50 for my ar. i already have a bushnell 3x9x40 for when im calling but i want something i can use for long range. i've heard a lot of good about vortex and they offer an outstanding warranty. i think i can get on for about $500. any info would be great!

#2 Baja Traveler

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Posted 19 August 2009 - 05:29 AM

I just bought my first Vortex scope after owning and being impressed with thier Razor binoculars this past year, and can't say enough how much I like them. You cannot go wrong buying the Viper line of scopes, and I'm seeing more and more posts of them being used on match and high end rifles with excellent results. My Viper 6.5 - 20 x 44 BDC is fantastic and built very strong ( I even read an account of a heavy savage falling off a shooting bench and landing scope first on the ground with no ill-effects to the scope other than a few blemishes - and it still shot on zero after the fall). The side focus parallax adjustment is a joy to use - I love the target turrets, and their ability to simply reset to zero after sight in. The glass is first rate (of course it can't compete with the multi-thousand dollar glass, but it's close). I havent done a box test with mine yet, but everyone else that has reports accurate 1/4 mil spacing on the adjustments. I'd say get it - you'll love the scope like I do. A Viper will be my go-to scope from now on...

#3 Desert Fox

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Posted 11 October 2009 - 11:01 PM

I talked my buddy Frank into getting one of these for his 300 Weatherby. Here's an excerpt of the report I had from another forum:"Well, this new offering from Vortex impressed the heck out of me. I don't know where to begin. First of, the glass in this thing is superior to any of my Leupolds including the Mark IV. The only scope that I have that came close to the glass quality of the Vortex Viper is my IOR. When looking through the scope, the resolution and contrast is so sharp from edge to edge. The colors were so vivid that it gave my Zeiss Diascope a run for the money. The lens on the Viper has a greenish tent to it like the Nikon Monarch. As the matter of fact, the dial knobs resembles the Monarchs. I won't be surprise if they were made at the same factory in the Philippines. The Viper is light considering it's size which is a very large scope." How does it performed? If I was impressed with the features, I was more impressed with the Vipers performance. Franks and I didn't have much time and bullet to really run the scope with my usual box test test. However we did enough shooting to get the feel of the scope performance. We set the target at 50 yards and I asked Frank to fire two shot to established the rifle zero. The first shot landed 1 and a half inches high and 1 and a half inches right on a clean barrel. The second landed the same height but about 3/4" apart from the first shot but closer to the center of the vertical line. I instructed Frank to dial the scope 6 clicks down 6 clicks left and fire another shot. The bullet landed 3/4 inch high above the bullseye and about less than half inch to the right of the vertical line. I told Frank to fire another one which he did. The bullet landed the same height but about a quarter inch on the other side of the vertical line. I told Franks that I suspect the horizontal despersion was due to the heavy trigger pull. It was hurridly tuned by the gunsmith before our departure for Africa and I didn't have a chance to readjust it. The weight of full in this thing was probably around 5 lbs, and Frank can't get used to it. Also during this same time, I realized that our target was set-up at 50 yards, so it means I'm only giving Frank half the correct values to dial. I instructed him to gave the elevation turret 6 more clicks down and fire another shot which he did and this time he centered the bullseye. Five shot and the rifle was zeroed. We then moved the target to 110 yard line and Frank fired 1 shot. The bullet was hitting half inch high of the bullseye but centered to the vertical line. We gave it 2 clicks down and fired. The rifle zeroed at 110 yards with just 2 shots. It's early to tell how this scope will perform in actual hunting condition. I would like to do a box test on it in the future to check it's repeatability. From what I observed so far the clicks was right on and seems very precise. We switched bullet from Sciroco to Barnes TSX and were able to re-established zero for that bullet in 5 rounds. I think we have a winner here. I can buy two of this scopes for the price of one VX3. The warranty is no issue for these scope... just as good as Leupolds. I can see a Viper in my upcoming build. DFUPDATE: I just mounted a 6.5X20X44 Viper on my 6.5-284. I'll be doing an extensive test of both rifle and scope here pretty soon and I'll report my findings here.Regards,DF

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