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Q: Looking for Scout Scope for Pig Hunting (K31)...

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#1 S4gunn



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Posted 16 July 2009 - 02:21 PM

Hi,I'm looking to get into hunting and am looking at scoping my milsurp Schmidt-Rubins K31. Since I shoot lefty, I cannot use the standard relief scopes due to the offset axis and my unwillingness to drill and tap my receiver (it's a nice one).Right now, I'm looking at scout scopes. I understand that scout scopes can be less than ideal during twilight or high glare conditions but I figure it's worth a try. Looking at what's available and disregarding those that apparently break under recoil from anything harder than a 22LR (aka BSA and NCSTAR), the lowest end glass that seems worth the cash are the Simmons ProHunter Pistol Scope line.Simmons ProHunter 2-6x32mm (1/2 MOA adjustments)- $112 (dealerpricing)http://www.midwayusa...ctnumber=113584Simmons ProHunter 4x32mm (1/4 MOA adjustments) - $86 (dealer pricing)http://www.midwayusa...ctnumber=612887My choice is this:Q: Should I go for the 4x scope or the 2-6x scope for hunting?I'm willing to buy a Simmons scope based on previous experience with a scope for my AR. That one has given me 0 problems over several hundred rounds in the past year. I'm currently leaning towards the 4x scope because its one less thing to futz with in the field and a simpler scope should be more durable as there are less things inside to break.I understand the demands for hunting are different for just target practice so I wanted to ping you guys here before buying anything.Also, for pig hunting, the longest shot I will need to take is 200yds so I should prioritize having a nice wide field of view vs. the most magnified sight possible, right?I can group fairly well with just irons (not 1MOA that the rifle is capable of but definitely 2-3) so this would be mostly just for convenience. Finally, since I'm not sold that K31 this is the best hunting rifle for me (even though apparently quite a few people use them for hunting and the trigger/barrel is quite nice), I want to minimize my additional investment in this rifle.Thanks in advance for your replies...-g

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Posted 17 July 2009 - 07:38 AM

3x9 is the most popular for big game that is what I use. If you plan to spend 100 or little more look at the nikon pro staff you can't go wrong with a nikon.http://www.opticspla...aff-3-9x40.html

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Posted 17 July 2009 - 07:19 PM

Gotta love those K-31s. Great guns. The local military rifle bench rest match I shoot is dominated by 03 Springfields and K-31s. If you already have the scope mount put any old scope in it just so you can do a rough eye relief measurement. Most pistol scopes have a little too much eye relief to use as a scout scope, especially on a military rifle. They useually have short stocks so a soldier can still use the weapon comfortably with heavy winter cloths. You might want to go with a scope that is designed specificaly for a scout rifle aplication. I think Leatherwood/Hi-lux makes one fairly cheap.

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