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50 yds out and 4 stories up

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Posted 08 March 2009 - 01:13 PM

On and old abandon building 400 yrds from my buddies chicken coop we have been watching 3 feral pidgeons for the last few days . Everyday at 2:oo pm they land and walk the edge of the building today i camoed up and was at the edge of the property in the woods 50 yds from the buildings edge hidden in the brush behind a fence .There was no wind and i had time i leaned against a tree spun a wheel and broke out my field glasses and waited watching the mateing red tails 1/2 a mile away on and old chimminy stack looking for dinner side by side . About 1/2 an hour later feeling good about my blind one solo came in and i was ready he strut right to the end of the building and i had a clean side shot . I raised the varmint hunter and launched 8 grains of jsb predator right over his head @^%$*(& ,i said , he didn't move so i reloaded and made an elevation adjustment and shot # 2 crushed his wing socket and pierced his breast .He dropped all folded up like a stone 4 stories to the ground needless to say theres 5 pounds of chicken feed under that building tonight .Posted Imageone less meal for old red tail, say what they want about gamo's but i will keep this gun a long time many pests have fell form it's pressure this was it's first pigeon tomorrow I'm ordering a trigger from CHARLIE DA TUNA / STOKED PG.

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Posted 08 March 2009 - 02:28 PM

Nice shot on that rock dove Chris. I need to go over to the steel yard I am allowed to hunt and see if there are any targets around.

#3 MikeNC



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Posted 08 March 2009 - 04:47 PM

That was a fun read right there...thanks...and good shot :welcomeani:

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Posted 08 March 2009 - 06:13 PM

Good job Chris. The world is a better place when there is one less winged rat. Even if it is 3000 miles away. ;)

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Posted 10 March 2009 - 08:10 AM

Good story, and nice shooting. That guy looks like he folded like a cheap tent. :)

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