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#84137 Making a Silent Pellet Trap...

Posted by ShooterJohn on 18 May 2008 - 09:57 AM

I'll save you guys some time and money on building a pellet trap. There used to be plans for a silent pellet trap on the web but the guy sells them now. His were made of wood and I made a couple I still use. But I found something that works even better and can stand up to even my PCP airguns. You can get all of the materials from Home Depot. I print my own targets on a 90 pound weight paper so that the pellets cut clean holes. So you can take a standard sheet of 8.5X11 paper to the store and go to the electrical department. Find the cheapest metal electrical circuit box (breaker box) that the paper fits closely over. The box fronts come off and you'll get rid of it when you get home. Then find or ask the sales person to get you to the Electrical Duct Sealant. It's a gray putty that comes in stick blocks and get enough to make one layer of it inside your box. Take your materials home and take the top off of the circuit box and throw it away. Take your duct seal and stuff it into the box. Go find a refrigerator door magnet or I use a magnetic paper clip to hold your target to the front of the metal electrical box. There you have your silent pellet trap. These are very quiet that don't splatter lead or lead dust around and you can shoot almost indefinitely into them without worrying about removing the pellets. Plus since it's a metal box you never have to worry about your pellets making a hole out the back like I did with my wooden version.
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#324507 New Revolver

Posted by Bisley on 23 June 2016 - 04:04 PM

I didn't know they made the Redhawk in .45Colt/.45ACP. My very first snake was taken with a friend's Redhawk in .357 (100 years ago :smiley-innocent-halo-yellow: ). I wish I could have gotten a hold of that gun. They quit making them in .37, and it was a great gun. Hope you enjoy yours  :good:



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#324059 New Polaris Ranger...

Posted by ShooterJohn on 03 June 2016 - 07:24 AM

Well, I've wanted to get something that was easy for me to get into since my back and legs give me so much trouble.  Even after my spine fusion surgery it will be nice as a work vehicle and is perfect for around my area.  I will be able to use it up at my property as well.  I am very pleased with it so far especially how quick it is with the Electronic Fuel Injection and its 47hp.  The electronic power steering is as easy to turn as my tractors hydraulic steering which is very smooth.  It is a full size model so it seats three across if need be.   It has a nice big dump bed on it that will carry 1,000 pounds and it will tow 2,000 pounds with its 2 inch ball hitch.  I really like the tilt steering wheel too.  It has a nice Turf Mode where you can unlock the rear wheels so that it doesn't rip out grass when turning and it saves your tires on hard surfaces.  Then it has two wheel locked and then finally four wheel on demand four wheel drive.  It has a 4500 pound Warn winch with synthetic rope which I like better than steel cable.  The synthetic rope doesn't twist up like steel cable and it doesn't stab you with wire if it gets nicked.   It does over 50mph which is nice if need be.




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#312332 any striper guys on this site?

Posted by ShooterJohn on 21 March 2015 - 02:31 PM

Glad you like it because that is how everyone on our end of the state just loves giving Southern California our water. It's is destroying our fisheries to satisfy your water needs.

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#311939 any striper guys on this site?

Posted by modoc squeek shooter on 07 March 2015 - 04:57 PM

Two things #1 I love striper although I am not a fisherman.

                   #2 I do not love that our water is going south, that was a fricken desert down there and still should be one. The people should move back to where they came from and take San Franisco with them. That would cure a lot of the problems with this state. Just my 2 cents. Ed

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#304247 Too Funny!!!

Posted by Bisley on 07 August 2014 - 10:12 PM

So I finally found a place to get the wax for the casting, and just in time as the lead came in today. This time it was a white truck with a white box :lol: . Don't know why it never occurred to me, but there is a Hobby Lobby down the road. So I go in there and can not find it by the candles, so I ask a young man if they have plain old wax. He looks at me kind of funny and hesitantly says "I think so, by thr candle making stuff". So we head in that way and he asks another guy there if thay have wax. He looks at me and says it is in the crafts section. I give him a blank stare that he must have recognized before (like I know where the crafts secttion is), and said in the back wall on the left. The forst yong man shows me the way and I find it. I thak him and go pay. As I'm paying for it what looks like a mangaer of some kind comes over like she is going to tell the kid at the register to go to breal or something. As he continues ringing it up she gives me a funny look. I knew what was coming next. "Can I ask you a question sir?". Big surprise. "Yes ma'am, you can ask me anything". She replies "You don't look like the candle making type, may I ask you what you are doing with wax?". I explain that it is for a new hobby, casting lead, and proceed to tell them what it is for expecting them to frown upon it. Instead they were very interested and intrigued as they have never heard that before. She then goes on again "Oh, that might explain why I have seen a coule other guys buying it as well. They must be doing the same thing". At that point I could not help myself. As I walked away, I replied "Maybe. Were they wearing Stetsons as well. If so then they might be. But if they were wearing a tennis tyoe sun visor, odds are they were probably just making candles for their life partners". :rofl2: I could still hear them both laughing as I went all the way out the door.........................

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#302881 Radio's

Posted by ShooterJohn on 08 July 2014 - 07:00 PM

The 5 watt commercial band handheld radios we used to use at our mine easily reached the 43 miles line of sight to my house. Of course our line of sight was from 3000 feet elevation to my backyard at 175 feet. But from one side of the ridge to the other forget it. That's what we had a repeater for.
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#290957 Give it some thought before buying a rifle for LEAD FREE bullets!

Posted by dabob on 18 October 2013 - 09:37 AM

If you are pretty sure you will have to use lead free bullets in the future check out what lead free bullets are available for the rifle cartridge, caliber and barrel twist rates that are available.


There are some great rifles out there for lead bullets that won't be that great with the lead free bullets being shot through them because you will have to shoot bullets that weigh 30% to 40% lighter in them because of the slow twist rate.


Quite a few calibers have only copper lead free bullets available, some calibers have bullets that are lead free bullets that are not solid copper and these bullets are much less expensive than the copper bullets are.


It may take the bullet manufacturers 10 years or more to start making decent lead free bullets for all the different calibers. The rifle manufacturers will also need to make more .224 cal and smaller rifles with faster twist rates so heavier lead free bullets can be used in them.


Before I had to use lead free bullets I never thought about the twist rate on rifles. If you even think you may have to use lead free bullets check out the lead free bullets that are available and what twist rates that are recommended for those bullets before you buy a rifle.


It really sucks having to go lead free, don't make it worse by not checking out the few options that we do have before buying a new rifle.



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#270935 New and first smoker

Posted by ShooterJohn on 04 December 2012 - 09:46 AM

You may want to think twice about your smoker being in the garage! Not only can you dangerously raise carbon monoxide levels that could migrate into your house but the smoke will chase out in a short time.
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#256261 Coyote Chasing Fawn And The Doe Chasing The Coyote!

Posted by dabob on 11 May 2012 - 08:56 AM

It would have been great if I would have had this trail camera set on video.Posted ImageThe coyote on the left is chasing the fawn on the far right.Posted ImageThe doe is going after the coyote that is chasing her fawn. This is on the same ranch that we saw 21 coyotes on in one day last winter. The same day that we saw 21 coyotes we only saw 2 deer.Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
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#325020 Really nice A-Zone bucks!

Posted by dabob on 12 July 2016 - 09:41 PM






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#324676 DIY Binge

Posted by Bisley on 29 June 2016 - 09:53 PM

So in the last week especially, I have been on the DIY kick. I started by finishing up the Stable Table (shooting table). I had already put an axial bearing on the pivot point where the seat and table spin. The teflon washer was cool, but this is smoother than aged Kentucky whiskey :good: . I also finally finished u the table top. It is a whole new bench, and sweet as it gets :wub: . I still have to make a removable cup holder and bino/rangefinder hooks at work, but that is nothing. Here are some before and after pics.












And since I had the ATV down here to put some new tires on it, I decided to add a few more rifle/shotgun holders to it. It had some store bought U hook holders, but they are almost worthless unless you leave it uncased. Years ago my dad added some studs where almost any case could slide into and stay nicely. I just added a couple more. I also put a makeshift heel extension on the shift lever. I hate having to use my toe to upshift, especially in soft toed boots/shoes. I only wish I could have done this a few years ago when my dad could hardly shift it. Anyway, this will make it MUCH more comfortable for me this weekend. I just wonder why I pick the hottest time of the year ro do all this? :doh[1]:










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#324596 Guessing Game, What's This?

Posted by KNOCKED UP on 27 June 2016 - 04:54 AM

For annealing your brass.
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#324591 Ingenuity, The Mother Of Invention

Posted by Bisley on 26 June 2016 - 09:02 PM

When I changed handguards around the other week I put the WOA guard and gas block on my very first AR, a PSA upper with PTAC barrel. The only problem I had was that the gas block on the WOA was a clamp on (around actually) and was not very tight on the PTAC barrel (not known for the highest quality :blush: ) which was machined ever so slightly under mil-spec and was not sealing well enough to allow it to cycle. It would eject, but not grab another round, no matter how hot or heavy a bullet was used. If the gas block was a set screw type it would have pulled it straight down and probably have worked, but it was not :504: . I found out last weekend it did not work, but I wanted it for the 4th of July, so ordering a gas block would be cutting it to close. Besides, I'm cheap :lol:  and this is an inexpensive setup anyway. Instead I decided to cut the original F marked front sight base since the WOA guard was huge and had plenty of clearance. It worked perfectly todsay and even cycled the 40gr rounds :yahoo: . And best of all, when I used the 50gr rounds with the H4198 it has shown a preference for I put three rounds touching in a triangle at 50 yards. This will make a great open sight gun for chasing rabbits with next weekend!!!
Oh, I almost forgot, the WOA guard had holes for either two swivel studs or one section of rail on the bottom, but nothing on the top :signbummer8tl: . And since I wanted to add an open sight on top I had but one choice, drill & tap :unsure: . Well, it came out fine, and shoots wonderfully luckily. I figured I layout and work on metal for a living, sooooooooo, why the heck not, right? I guess I actually do know what I'm doing sometimes :D
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#312482 Scope cam hunt with .25 BT65 (airgun video)

Posted by 4NDone0331 on 26 March 2015 - 10:29 PM

Hi guys, here is another airgun hunting video.  The footage is from last summer...I finally got around to it.  Most of the shots were really close because it is so hard to see them in the orchards, too much cover and concealment (for them). Hopefully you guys can get some enjoyment out of watching it.  I can probably make another 1 or 2 more videos just from last years footage.  I also have some gear reviews and such that I am working on getting out there, I have the footage I just need to edit it (the longest part).  


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