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Rebuilt my Rage 3 blade expandable broad heads

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I sat down this morning to rebuild the Rage 3 blade broad heads that I used last year during bow season in Missouri. A rebuild kit for three broad heads from Rage runs about $20 while 3 new broad heads is twice that. Half the price and a little of my time made sense to me.As I dismantled them it became obvious the o-ring on all of my Rage broad heads were badly weathered and need replacing. No problem there because the rebuild kit comes with 2 o-ring replacements for each broad head.After I had everything dismantled and the old razor blades carefully disposed I decided to soak all the parts in peroxide to get any dirt or deer remnants off before assembly. After a good soaking and a little TLC on some persistent dirt everything was clean and ready for reassembly.The reassembly went well with only minor hiccups. The kit does not contain the allen wrench needed for the replacement of the blade at the point of the broad head. It is a small enough allen screw that my standard allen wrench set doesn't fit this small thing so I am going to have to go buy another kit with smaller wrenches.Because I didn't remove that cutting blade due to lack of tools the installation of the o-ring was a little difficult. With all 4 of the blades removed I would think it would be simple to just roll the o-ring into place from the tip of the broad head.Here are a few pictures...P9190066.jpgP9190067.jpgP9190068.jpgP9190069.jpgP9190070.jpg

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