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I know the rule is buy the best scope you can afford....well, right now I can't afford much. I was at Wally World in Fremont the other night and saw this scope from Center Point. It looks like a Tru-Glo copy and is made in China. Price was only $55 so I figured what the hell. Its a 3-9 40mm objective.It was only going on my Mini-14 and I don't see spending a lot of cash on a 3"-4" at 100yds rifle. I got it home and was really impressed with the clarity of the optics and the illuminated reticle is really cool in low light conditions. I mounted it and took it to the range today hoping that it would work ok. At 50yds I was holding a good zero and maintaing 1 1/2" groups. Fired about 20 rounds at 50yds. The moved to the 100yd bench and fired about 60 rounds with an average of around 3" or less. No problems at all which kinda suprised me. The package says "Torture tested up to 416Rigby" and "Ideal for Rimfire or Air Rifles".All in all its a damn nice disposable scope and if it fails my iron sights are in tact. I'll let you know how long it lasts. The next thing to do is get this rig painted up thanks to all the camo painting tips I've gotten from you all.post-3-1295378591.jpg

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