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Cranky Farmer

Loading the 25 WSSM

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Well I sat down at my bench today and quickly learned I don't have what I need to load these guys up. :lol: Because of the angle of the 25 WSSM case neck the funnel I have won't work correctly. I was able to load up a few by holding the funnel for my 5mm on top of the case, but that is going to get really old really fast. My loading black also isnt quite big enough and I am going to need to buy one for it as well.After I add this post I'll jump online and get the parts I need on the way!

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It's always something Heath. But you'll have the right tools soon and you'll be able to use them for future projects too. RCBS makes a loading block that fits all sizes and they're cheap. B) Try filling .17 Rem cases and tell me how much fun it isn't. :)

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