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1911s Groundhog Day

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Like most of you guys, I subscribe to a bunch of gun related magazines. I have one major bitch though.......If I get one more cover photo of a 1911 I'm gonna scream. Jeeeeeezzzzzzz, enough already with the same pig with different lipstick. Don't get me wrong, the 1911 is a fantastic design that will most likely endure until hand-held ray guns are a reality......I even own a couple.......I am simply tired of reading about the 234 variants out there and how the latest is the best offering is exactly what I need. Am I just getting cranky in my old age or what? Is it just me that is bothered by this? It just seems that there should be plenty of other new innovative designs/models that should be getting cover exposure. Ooops, I forgot. Those cover photos are bought and paid for. Years ago I used to write for a national boating magazine. I did new product reviews and stuff like that. The whole magazine industry scam works like this; manufacturers send in a product and it gets reviewed. We get to keep the product (usually) and we try hard to convince you that if you buy advertising, your product will get face time. If you buy a big ad (inside covers) you get a big push in the editorial section. That's why when you're reading a story about a new product, their ad just happens to be on the pages of the product review. Wow, what a coincidence. It's all about selling ads. Plus, if you are an editorial writer, you can rarely say what you really feel about a product. If it really sucks, the editor still wants to sell them ad space so the writer's story may get spiked (removed) or edited into a much more favorable piece. It's all about the money.Knowing all of that, I am still influenced by the bull%$#& I read in gun magazines. I guess it's just the human condition we all suffer from. I read all about it, I know it's a pitch, and I go out and buy it anyway. Remember, there's a little George Costanza in all of us. Frankly, I think I have too much.

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