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Twins seem to be running in my family.

Matching pair of long slide Glocks, a G34 (9mm) G35 (.40S&W I just picked up today)






A pair of Ruger MKIII's. One 4" and one 5.5" (inherited from my dad)





And my pride & joy, a matching pair of vintage 8-3/8" N Frame Smiths. The Hogue grips are the Model 29 .44mag and the rosewood grips are the Mdel 27 .357mag. Long story behind those.




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16 hours ago, ShooterJohn said:

Very nice Bob!  I have several of those myself and I wouldn't get rid of any of them.

I'm hoping to add one more as soon as things become more normal, and that would be a matching Kimber 1911 in 9mm. 


15 hours ago, Shoot-it said:

looks nice I just noticed the glocks has caliber maked on the frame in white that will sure help telling what it is if your in a hurry

A young man shooting with us shot 2 9mm rounds out of his .40 about three months ago. Made me decide to do this. 

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