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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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I am currently replacing a couple of antiquated pistols with l o n g trigger pulls full of creep and mediocre accuracy with newer ones. They are over 25 years old if that tells you anything. They are ultra reliable though, and will be retired to a locked box in the trucks at all times. And while I wanted another 1911 in 9mm, right now I would have an easier time finding an honest democrat. I live in CA, so a CCW is not even a concern unfortunately,so I knew I wanted a full size pistol. I have been called unAmerican by friends because they say I am the only one that doesn't own a GGGGGGG, I still have a hard time saying it, Glock. I came across a deal on a hard to find G34, and picked it up. It will hold me over until the 1911's are back in stock :smiley-innocent-halo-yellow:. It was designed as a competition model, with the front of the slide cut out for perfect balance and not barrel heavy. Also factory adjustable sights. When loaded it does balance right at the trigger. It makes my old Ruger P95 feel like a brick, but recoil is very tame.







I didn't get a whole lot of time to play with it on Saturday because of the ugly desert heat, but I did find a couple previous loads that will work. A couple are too long for this gun and will have to be seated a little deeper. The one it really loved was a 75gr Lehigh lead free bullet. It shoots it amazingly, but will not cycle :504:. I have a set Wolff springs coming that will eliminate that. When I want to hunt with it I can just take 30 seconds and switch springs. These bullets are like lasers, and worth it even if I have to change springs or shoot a single shot. Yes, that good. One of the best shot of the day, besides a 40 yard free handed shot, was this 30 yard shot free handed neck shot. Oh, and both were one shot, not spray and pray. I'm too cheap to do that lol. Never thought I would see the day I owned a GGGGG...






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