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The Epitome of Handloading Part 2

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Earlier in this forum I told of how and why I wanted/needed to cut down 120gr GMX bullets in 6.5 down to 100grs. Long story short, the 120's are designed for .260 and 6.5 Kardashian speeds, not Grendel speeds. I noticed after miserable results that I had used the powder that shot best with 120gr pills (CFE 223), not the powder that shot best with the 107gr SMK's it likes (H335). Here is the setup I used for cutting them down.



I hacksaw them off and then use a fine file until the scoring is gone. They came out to 103grs +/-. This time I loaded three different charges and was very, very pleased with the outcome. The hottest load came in at right about 3/4" at 100 yards. For a moderate range hunting rifle this is totally acceptable, and then some. 



I may not have a lathe, or other expensive equipment, but I do have creativity and a little bit of skill (or luck). Never be afraid to try!

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