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Desert Fox

First Appearance at Southwest ULR Match

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Went to shoot Ultra Long Range Match near Barstow Sunday with a dozen other guys form Arizona, Nevada and Northern California. This is a monthly shoot sponsored by some local gunshop and few company in the industry like Vortex, Cutting Edge Bullet and Snipertac to name a few. Three 40"X 40" target were placed at varying distances starting from 1,860 yards, 2,162 yards and the farthest being 2,610 yards. LED Light equipped with sensor placed behind the target will flash when the target is hit. This group are a dedicated bunch with the best equipment and rifle money can buy. I never seen so many Desert Tech Rifle in my life. Few Guys were shooting 416 Barrett and 375 Cheytac. One Gentleman from Nevada was shooting Accuracy International with Schmidt & Bender PM II. 

We decided to shoot the farthest target first. You are given 1 sighter shot followed by 2 - 5 shot string for score. I took the lead after the first round, registering 3 hits at 2,610 yards. Two other shooter recorded the other 3. None of the 416 and 375  ever hit the target. The wind, although mild at 6 MPH were tricky, shifting left right, right left. By the time we shoot the next target at 2,162, the wind was now blowing between 15-20 Miles an hour. The mirages emanating from the heated desert sand made the matter even more worst. I'm compensating 5 mils for wind and still wasn't enough. I was pretty much throwing Hail Mary's at the target. I did manage to hit the target only once. Shooting the last target at 1860 was easy picking for the 416 and 375. I manage to hit the target 4 times. I placed 4th overall against a dozen other guys which was a surprised since I haven't shoot the rifle since January when I competed at World Shoot in Nevada. Hitting the mile and a half target was even surprising since the 300 grain Berger was already at subsonic speed. Overall this will be a good tune up for next year series. I'm hoping I can get my 375 ready because a Vortex Razor Gen II and a Custom Knife will be awarded to the winner of the spring classic.

Here are the pictures from the match. The 2,610 yards target in this picture shows 6 hits, all by 300 Lead core bullet from 338 Lapua. 3 of these hit were from my rifle and the other 3 were from two other shooters. Judging from the impact, hit no 4, 5 and 6 has more splatter while hit no. 1, 2, and 3 has very little splatter. My 338 Ackley has more velocity and energy than the standard Lapua. Therefor I conclude that hit 4, 5, and 6 were probably from my rifle. If that's the case that is one hell of a three shot group.








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Yes, It's a mile and a half.

Dialing for the shot, my Ballistic Program gave me a firing solution of 35.4 Mil (121.70 MOA). 1.9 Mil for Wind 5 MPH full value

Environmental Conditions were as follows: (All these data from Kestrel had to be inputed to my ballistic computer program).

Coordinates: 34 degrees.43 minutes North, 116 Degrees 9 minutes West (Ludlow, CA)

Azimuth of Fire: 65 degrees North East (This is for Coriolis)

Altitude: 1,404 ft.  above sea level

Relative Humidity:  48 percent

Temperature: 54 degrees

Barometric Pressure:  28.90 in/hg

Think about this folks,

At 2,615 yards the bullet will drop about 270 ft. With muzzle velocity of around 2,885 fps, the remaining velocity of the 300 grain Berger when it crossed the 2,615 yards will be around 980 fps. The remaining bullet energy is around 650 ft/lb (enough to kill human or deer). It takes 5 seconds for the bullet to arrive at the target. As a matter of fact, If you watch the video at the 7:35 segment, you can see me fire the rifle and it would take about 6 seconds for the RO to report impact. 



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Southwest ULR Match

Traveling in from San Francisco to San Diego, Arizona and Nevada, 14 Shooters lined up with large caliber rifles with hopes of hitting targets 1 – 1.5 miles away. The weather forecast predicted an improving shooting condition, so the directors elected to start shortly after sun up; many of the shooters took advantage of this by way of a nice warm hotel bed the night before. However if there is one thing we know the weather forecast in the desert of the Southwest is not easy to predict. Instead of an improving condition we had the opposite. A true marksman is un-effected by conditions and we proved that Sunday morning!

Vince Teach, our reigning Top Gun from last month, was first to connect at the 2615 yard target. Followed by two shooters making their freshman appearance with Southwest ULR, Amy Morgan connecting with her 4th shot at 2615 and Rommel Jimenea connected 3 times at 2615, giving him a healthy point’s lead. As the stages progressed more shooter were able to get on target and start chipping away at Rommel’s lead. John Harms recorded a hit at 1860. Gina Rossi had a pair of hits at 2160 and 4 hits at 1860 including a first round impact. Robert Propios, hit 3 times in a row at 1860, racking up bonus points. Eddie Vargas hit twice at 1860, welcome to the Mile Club Eddie! Scott Austin scored 4 hits at 2160, and 4 Hits at 1860. Tu Nguyen, the runner up, eclipsed Scott’s slim lead on the last stage by way of 2 hits at 2160 and then very impressive 7 hits at 1860, 70% is the highest distance hit ratio recorded so far at Southwest ULR, way to go Tu! But the Match was decided before Tu even pulled the trigger on his last stage. Randy Allen totally dominated, consistently connecting at each distance, once at 2615, 5 times at 2160 and 3 times at 1860. This is Randy’s second Top Gun title and as we close out 2018 Randy’s two-time Top Gun performance makes him the guy we all chase. Soon Randy will be changing from his tried and true 338 Lapua Magnum Desert Tech SRS to the new all new 37XC. 

Randy and Tu were both awarded $150 of Cutting Edge Bullets for their top finishes. Southwest ULR would like to thank Cutting Edge Bullets for their support!

The Radelow Blades Spring Series starts next match!

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2 hours ago, Rob said:

270 ft of drop..OMG...my 6mm with an 87 gr bullet would be almost shooting with the barrel  straight up

Ballistic Computer are pretty good plotting bullet trajectory these days as long as you inputed all data correctly. The wind is another matter. I struggled connecting at 2,160 yards when the wind start blowing between 15 to 20 miles an hour. At that wind speed the bullet is being blown 20 ft away from the target. 

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11 hours ago, ShooterJohn said:

Way to go Rommel, good shooting.  You'll get them next time.

I'll do my best John. Not sure how much more life left on my barrel. I'm shooting this rifle since 2009. I'm hoping my 375 Cheytac gets here on time so that I can send my 338 to be fitted with new barrel. 

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