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Desert Fox

Well, Happy Birthday to me

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Last Saturday, my wife and I were at our house in Nevada celebrating our 35th year anniversary and my 61st birthday. We went to Home Depot to get something for our kitchen and right across the street is the Sportsman Warehouse. As we walk out of Home Depot, I asked my wife if she doesn't mind going to Sportsman Warehouse to check the place. She said "Let's Go". As soon as we walked in, I immediately went to the gun counter to check the display.  Right on top of the counter sit a 50 BMG Bushmaster BA50 grabbing the attention from the onlooker in the store. I immediately grabbed and fondled the beast like a sailor does to a prostitute in a bar. I can hear my wife standing just behind me asking if I like the rifle. I said I always wanted one but I will wait until we move out of California for good to get one, because the rifle is not legal in the state. She told me  "So What! we are a Nevada residents also,  "Who cares about California". "We will just shoot the rifle here". Your birthday is coming up Tuesday! if you like the rifle I will buy it for you. "Do you like it?" my wife asked. I hesitated for a moment and uttered something like "I don't know honey but, but..." before I can finished what I'm trying to say, I heard my wife telling the sales guy "Start the paper work, we're buying it!". Even the sales guys was stunned. Lo and behold, an hour later, I was dragging the beast out of the parking lot.

Am I a lucky husband or what😮





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