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Lightwweight Universal Stand

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With grass being tall this time of year I noticed last weekend I needed to get my callers a little higher off the ground. I ordered the highest capacity, reasonably priced adjustable tripod I could find on Amazon for like $18 and then took a i/8" thick 1" wide piece of flat bar from work and welded a 1/4-20 nut to it. I mounted the bar to the camera adapter and use a 32" NiteIze bendable tie to hold it in place. I used orange so I can see it better in the field. Now I can not only raise it of the ground, but can point it any direction, including upward, to make sound carry like I want. The bar adds next to no weight, and I can leave it attached to the call when I put it away and simply slide it on the tripod if I want to use it or just set it down with the plate on it. Best of all it ads less than 1/2 pound. I love it when things work out like planned :good:









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