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So got most the skin and meat off my deer head, bent a piece of wire and put it in a drill to get a majority of the brain out, then a quick trip to walmart and $20 pot later been bioling (low simmer) for a couple of days on my camp stove.  Got most everything off, but at this point there is still some brain matter and other tissue up in the nasal cavity and some little nooks and crannies.  Tried a old tooth brush but cant get everything out.  I started boiling it harder hoping the agitation would help, but ended up jsut breaking the nose cartlidge off (saved them hoping to glue back on).  That being said I don't wanna destroy this skull by continuing to boil it, and advice?  Can beetles still go to town on a boiled skull?  I have read somewhere to just let it sit in water for a few weeks and the bacteria would break everything down.  At this point just looking for some advice, I eventually want to get it hydro dipped...  Thanks...

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