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Wife's 9mm range gun build

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Thanks for thinking of me but im really not a big fan of pink on my guns. Very nicely done though. 

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43 minutes ago, ShooterJohn said:

That came out very nice.  How did you do that.

John, I had this vision of glitter inlaid in the grips and a plan to fill laser engraving.  I called the VZ Grips guy, Justin, and he and I planned how to do it.  I bought some EnviroTex Jewelry Resin and some glitter dust. Justin deep laser engraved the grips to maybe .020 deep.  I practiced on a block of wood.  I mixed some colors of glitter and settled on this.  I used a small syringe, with the tapered plastic tip cut to the right size. 

48 minutes ago, Braz said:

Thanks for thinking of me but im really not a big fan of pink on my guns. Very nicely done though. 

C'mon Braz,  it's lavender.  LOL


I wanted her to have a seriously accurate, reliable, and well feature equipped gun, and then had some fun with it a bit. She'll get a kick out of it. 

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Well it got finished in time for Christmas.  She was tickled that I spent the time to build this gun for her.  She had been coached by our self-defense shooting instructor that she should get a 1911 after him having stopped our class and taken my Gold Cup NM and given it to her and gave me the Sig, then resumed the class. I was publically poked at over the range PA system about giving my wife the second rate equipment, including the holster she had.   So, I went overboard.

The gun started as a 9mm  Springfield 1911 shown above.  The frame, slide, barrel, full length guide rod, thumb and grip safeties, were all that remain factory.  Although all have been modified, shaped, blended, etc., in some way. 

The functional mods are: Dawson Precision fiber optic front and LPA rear sights, custom fitted barrel bushing, o/s slide stop, polished feed ramp, 30 degree crowned barrel, fitted/tuned EGW extractor, fitted o/s EGW firing pin stop, Cylinder & Slide Ultra Light tool steel ignition kit (hammer, sear, disconnector, sear spring and hammer spring), STI short trigger, OEM Springfield titanium firing pin, titanium hammer strut, titanium mainspring cap, Wilson extended magazine release, Wilson semi-extended slide stop,  

The "gingerbread" mods include: checkered front grip strap, weld-on custom shaped magwell, flat topped slide with diamond checkering, reshaped thumb safeties for comfort, blended and reshaped factory beavertail grip safety, fully chamfered corners on the whole gun, custom thin grips with monogram in glitter, custom mixed purple metallic Cerokote on the frame, and black graphite Cerokote on the slide and controls.  The purple metallic frame and glitter monogram grips are a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun after hearing my wife and another gal at the range talk about "girl guns" and equipment. 

I did all the work except for the frame front grip strap checkering, which was done by Dave at Evolution Armory in New Hampshire, who stepped up to turn it around in short order to make it in time for Christmas.

In addition, she got a new custom made leather steel reinforced combat holster and mag carrier, their Gunsite Omega model from Davis Leather in Arizona, purple gun rug and range bag, and 4 extra Wilson ETM magazines.  She made out pretty well this Christmas.













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