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Got out and Bagged a Few

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Well, I don't have any photo evidence of this hunting trip :( , but I went out on Saturday (Oct, 20th) to do a little rabbit, jack and quail hunting with my .25 Marauder. Saw allot of Cottontails and probably a total of a dozen jacks, but didn't hear or see any quail. I ended up with (1) Jack (took it with an excellent heart and lung shot) and (1) Cottontail (took two shots to down that poor bunny).

When I was prepping the Jack after skinning it, it had a really weird lump on it's back. This strange lump also continued on the inside. I had already removed the back legs and one of the front legs that was salvagable and so I cut into the lump (clear liquid came running out of the lump. Upon further examination, there wasn't anything strange or disgusting about the interior of the lump. There weren't any white eggs or anything else, but I didn't feel right keeping the back strap meat that was part of this lump so all I ended up with were the back legs and one front leg. I decided to play it safe and tossed the rest of the jack in the trash. When I prepared the cottontail I only got the back legs, one front leg and part of one back strap. The shot had gone though the spine and messed up the back strap meat badly and the second shot (to put the poor cottontail down) ruined one of the front quarters.

All in all it was a enjoyable day out, but next time I'm hoping that the rabbits will stay still longer and my shots will all be head shots. :)

This upcoming week I'm going along with a buddy that is going to try and fill his buck tag (it's going to be tough). I'll just be going for the experience so that next year I'll be better educated when I get my deer tag and head out to try and fill my tag. :)

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