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Using Federal Heavyweight #2s to reload some coyote loads.

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Rodger's Sporting Goods had Federal 3" 1-1/4 oz #2 Heavyweight lead free shells on sale by the case so I ordered a bunch of them for coyotes and goose hunting.


I took the shot out of about 250 shells so I could reload some 3" 1-1/2 oz coyote loads with the 15g/cc #2 Federal Heavyweight shot. This Federal shot is much heavier than Rem HD Wingmaster shot and Hevi-Shot that is 12g/cc.

The Rem HD 3" 1-1/2 oz #2 factory shells had over 120 pellets in each shell. The Federal HW 15g/CC #2 shot only has 90 to 93 pellets in 1-1/2 oz of shot. It says right on the box that Federal Heavyweight shot is 35% denser than lead. It is unreal HOW HEAVY a few of these pellets feel in my hand.


To reload the 3" Fiocchi shells with this Federal shot I weighed 90 ea 1-1/2 oz shot charges and put each shot charge in a 2-3/4" Fiocchi target hull.

I had to weigh each powder charge of 35 grains of Steel powder. Steel powder does not meter very good at all so each powder charge needs to be weighed.

I am using BPS TPS wads and all of the Federal HW #2s fit in the wad cup with room to spare. I put some white plastic filler beads on top of the shot to help get a good tight level crimp and to help keep the very hard shot inside the shot cup.


After putting the beads on top of the shot I put a 16 ga thin over shot card wad on top of the beads with a thin water proof Tyvec 5/8" diameter patch on top of the 16 ga over shot wad.


Then I crimped the new 3" Fiocchi hulls.


It takes quite a while to reload these 3" shells but I have fun reloading them.

The Federal factory 1-1/4 oz Heavyweight 3" shells had a average of 78 pellets per shell. The 3" 1-1/2 oz HW #2 shells I reloaded have 90 to 93 pellets in each shell.

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I also took the Federal Hulls with no shot in them and put 1-1/4 oz of Heavy Weight 13 #4 shot in them and re-crimped them.

I got the Heavy Weight 13 #4 shot from Bucks Run.

I patterned some of these HW 13 #4 loads through a L/M choke at 40 yards and the patterns looked great.

Then I put a Imp/Mod choke in my shotgun and shot a paper plate at 40 yards with 1-1/4 oz of HW 13 #4 shot.


The Imp/Mod choke with this HW 13 #4 shot is pretty impressive at 40 yards but it is too tight for shooting ducks or geese.

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