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looking for 22-250 non lead load

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The Nosler 40 gr Lead Free BT bullets and the Hornady 35 gr NTX Lead Free bullets may shoot good out of your 22-250. They shoot good out of my 223 Rem and my 223 AI.

My 22-250 is a 1-8" twist and I use the Barnes 55 gr MPG bullets for coyotes.

Having to shoot lead free bullets out of most 22-250s really sucks. They don't have a fast enough twist to shoot 50 to 60 gr bullets. If you have to shoot 35 to 40 gr bullets 223s will crank them out as fast as you need them to.

I just don't like shooting 35 to 40 gr bullets at coyotes, they are great for squirrels though.

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You should be able to look up the rate of twist for your rifle. It will make a difference, especially with the non lead stuff. My Remington 250 has a 14" twist for example.

Anyway, in the 250, the only bullet I could get to work (great) was the Nosler 35 grain with 38.5 gr of Benchmark at 4500+ fps. It is almost too fast, and am a little concerned how well it will work on coyotes, which I have not tried yet.

However, the 40 gr Nosler non lead in friends & mine 223s & at a slower 3775 fps (rounded off / avg), has slayed approx 1/2 dozen coyotes, all as if hit by a freight train. DRT!

With that said, the 35 grain Nosler is still substantially more accurate & consistent, but again, has not been tested on coyotes... yet! I have little doubt that this bullet will perform just as well at the 40 gr, mostly due to the slower (than 250) velocities.

Good Luck

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