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Busy weekend post hunt

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So after the shortest out of state hunting trip on record 72 hours. I had garden goods allying my name. Sunday wax peppers canned. Monday two batches of plum jam and some candied jalepenos. Tonight cannd salsa.

Oh and I did get my Nevada antelope. My first speed goat.

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here is the recipe I used for the jalepenos cant wait to try it.http://tastykitchen.com/recipes/canning/candied-jalapenos-cowboy-candy/http://tastykitchen.com/recipes/canning/candied-jalapenos-cowboy-candy/

salsa is a tried and true recipe

First try at plum jam low sugar recipe.

As for my hunt the season opened last wednsday and I was set to leave early tuesday. Monday night my 18 month old son had to go to ER long story short everything was ok with him just a virus but he didnt get released until tuesday afternoon. So I left wednsday afternoon after his follow up appointment.Fianlly connected with this goat about 3 in the afternoon on thursday. Had him boned out and in the freezer with in 3 hours. Blew a huge hole in his neck so the cape was ruined but I am getting a euro mount. Helped my uncle go after his on friday with no success then left at 5 am to come home saturday.

Sunday I harvested peppers canned the wax peppers. Monday was plum jam and jalepenoes and tuesday we did salsa Back to work wednsday. Probably going to do a large batch of salsa again this weekend

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