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GREAT buy on lead free shotgun shells!

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I wanted to bring up this great deal at Rogers Sporting Goods one more time before these shells are gone. The 3-1/2" shells are sold out but they are still showing the 3" shells in stock. Look for them under "Federal Steel" loads.

Rogers Sporting Goods has Federal Heavyweight 3" 1-1/4 oz #2 @ 1450 fps on sale for $169.99 per case of 100 shells "10 boxes of 10 shells" and it is free shipping. The regular price was $399.99. This shot is unbelievably heavy. It is 35% denser than lead. It is way heavier than Hevi-Shot or Remington HD shot by quite a bit.

I have shot 4 or 5 coyotes with Remington HD #2 and they did a great job. Rem HD #2 has 81 pellets per ounce, the Federal Heavyweight #2 has 60 pellets per ounce. These Federal Heavyweight #2 at 1450 fps should just smoke coyotes or geese.

Depending on where you buy tungsten alloy shot it would cost $1.56 to well over $2.00 per shell just to reload 1-1/4 oz shells and that is just the price of the shot not counting the powder, primers, wads, hulls etc.

The price of tungsten has gone through the roof this past year. Most of the Ammunition manufacturers have quit making tungsten alloy shotgun shells. Quite a few of the Hevi-Shot shotgun shells are now over $40.00 per box of 10 shells.

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