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Homemade Custom Benjamin Discovery Stock By Hand

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Finally finished my first stock. Bought a used Disco on the Yellow, decide to put a better stock on it.

Made by hand tools only, since that is all I have access to. A drill, hand held jig saw, a dremel, sandpaper, and a few hand rasps. Wanted to see if I can make a stock by hand. Was able to pull this off in about 3 weeks.

Not perfect, but I was debating on doing this for a while since I wasn't sure if it was possible with limited tools. Tried to find how to do it online, with limited information available (like how to do the inletting). Finally took the plunge just so I can see if it is even possible.

Using maple plank from Home Depot $35


Cut 3 identical pieces with hand held jig saw, then glued and clamped with gorilla glue


Sanded flush to make a poor mans stock blank


Inletted using hand drill, dremel to widen the holes, then hand rasp. Barrel channel made with sandpaper around a toilet plunger handle.


Thumb hole made the same way. drill, dremel, then rasp.


Then hand rasp for contouring


Contouring done.


Sanding and finishing. No stains.


Finished off with Bisley recoil pad


With the gun mounted on.


Then I went and shot it:

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Damn Duck,

I am very impressed.

The stock is beautiful, and the shot was

also impressive.


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