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Primos Alpha Dog E Call - A friend's test results on 7/07/12

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This is a semi new(er) call by Primos that we had a little discussion on here a while back.

Well, I recieved a phone call from Badcoyote 2 days ago in regards to a couple stands he made that morning with the Alpha Dog for the first time. Now keep in mind, Badcoyote has / does own(ed) perhaps close to a half dozen different models of Foxpro E calls. FX3, FX5, Firestorm, Fury and others I can't think of, so he is at least semi familiar with Foxpro and E calls in general.

Anyway, he told me that time will tell on how good he thinks the Alpha Dog really is, but by his judgement from only 2 stands (in our favorite honey hole) is, that he is sold on this call.

He was especially impressed by the quality of sounds, the 3, 25 watt speakers, 2 of which swivel to any direction, and especially the remote. I'm not sure if I want to try and explain all the good things about the remote, as I don't trust myself on hearing everything correctly. BUT, the one thing I "think" I remember is, the remote even ran the E box, while it (the remote) was laying close to the ground pointing through a bush; something none of our Foxpro remotes has ever done... and (remotes) are the primary weekness of a Foxpro. Search reviews on various websites will varify this. Cabela's, BassPro etc!

Also keep in mind that Primos productions of ANY of their earlier e callers, including their Alpha Dog, are not as good as todays productions and most likely any future productions, as they are a "work in progress". This was also told to me on the phone by one of Primos Reps earlier this year.

Anyway, no, I do not own an Alpha Dog, and likely may not, but only sharing what I was told. And at $249.00 from ALLPREDATORCALLS.COM, it just may be a great buy for someone. Maybe?

Oh, Badcoyote had 2 coyotes respond with howls on the first stand, but believes his truck was seen by the dogs / not hidden well enough. On the 2nd stand, he had a nice looking chocolate colored coyote come charging in at around the 3 minute mark, but believes the coyote winded him at around 150-200 yards and took off in the opposite direction like a scalded cat.

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It will surely be interesting to see how it holds up. I have always loved Primos (hand calls) as they seem to be a decent sound-cost ratio. Glad to hear it worked out for him. I remember he was selling a Foxpro a while back. He must really be sold on it :lol: . Time will tell. Hope it works out.

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