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I need some advice. I want to take the PCP plunge. I'm getting tired of always cocking my Air Hawk... I know... nut up wimpy man! I had a few guns in mind, but l want something that can "do it all" pretty well. I mean that, I want a PCP that I can plink, target - so a large shot count per fill, and varmint/pest hunt with. But, the air gun has to be quiet too for when I'm shooting in my backyard. Of course accurate too. In no particular order I was thinking about the following:

  1. Benjamin Discovery 22. Cal
  2. BSA R-10 MkII 22Cal
  3. Evanix 22Cal
  4. AirForce Condor Bounty Hunter 22Cal

Are there any other guns or manufactures that I've over looked? Oh yeah, budget of around $1,000, and I've budgeted around $200 for scuba tank and adaptor on top of the $1,000.



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For the money and value I love my .22 cal Disco!

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I think you mean quiet? "the air gun has to be quite too" The Disco or Condor isn't quiet stock. The Evanix is a little loud too. Here are a few more with the Huntsman probably the premium in the budget.

Daystate Huntsman Classic $1095 - Special (Airguns of Arizona on sale)

http://www.pyramydai...fle_Poplar/2279Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP Air Rifle


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Well, here's some information for you:

The Discovery .22 is not a "quiet" air rifle. Unless you add some aftermarket pieces, ;) ;) , it is just as loud, or close to that of a .22 rimfire rifle. The Discovery rifles have a distinct "crack" when fired. Not backyard friendly if you live in a neighborhood. The Discovery will get you around 20 good shots per fill from 2000 PSI down to 1200 PSI in it's stock form and the JSB 15.9 grain pellets seem to work best in the .22 Discovery. It is a great hunting air rifle, but like I mentioned, not backyard or neighborhood friendly in it's stock form. I have a heavier hammer spring installed in mine so I only get 15 good shots from 2100 down to 2500 PSI, but my average with the H&N FTT 14.66 grain pellet is around 880 FPS. Using 18.1 grain JSB's I get an average of 801 FPS for 15 shots. Plenty of shots for hunting rabbits or tree squirrels.

Also like Brant mentioned, the Condor is loud too. Powerful, but loud. Evanix does make a nice rifle, but they are a bit on the loud side as well.

If you want quiet, the Benjamin Marauder .22 rifle it pretty quiet. Especially if you deping it. I would recommend the double vinyl depinger for the best results. You'll get around 30 shots per fill from 2900PSI down to around 2200 PSI. I have mine shooting around 870 FPS average using JSB 18.1 grain pellets and it really knocks out the rabbits from around 0 to 60 yards easily.

If you want quiet, make sure the rifle comes from the factory "shrouded and baffled". That way you don't have to add aftermarket items to quiet it down. Also, adding aftermarket items to quiet the gun can lead you into questionable grey areas here in California, and you can't hunt with them on your rifle if they aren't a "factory" item. For backyard use, I use the .22 Marauder rifle or .22 Marauder Pistol in carbine setup. For small game hunting I use my .25 or .22 Marauder Rifle, .22 Discovery, .22 Marlin (rimfire) or .22 Marauder Pistol Carbine) with the .25 and .22 Marauders getting the majority of my field time. Both the .22 and .25 Marauders have taken their fair share of Cottontails and Jack Rabbits this last season, with the .25 really packing the punch. Then only down side of the .25 is you only get around 16 good, usable shots before you should fill back up to your optimal starting fill pressure.

There are many other air rifles that are quiet, but you'll pay much more for them than you would for a .22 Discovery or .22 Marauder. The Discovery package with the hand pump will run around $325 or so and if you only want the rifle and plan to use a tank you can get the gun for around $260 or so. The .22 Marauder will cost more, but will be the quietest of the two, definitely. You can get a Marauder for anywhere from $400 to 470, depending on where you order it from. The pump will run you around $179 or so. You'll need a scope and scope rings for either (almost all PCP guns don't come packaged with scopes) with the scope rings being the 11mm/ 3/8" type. Like I mentioned too, the JSB 15.9 grain .22 pellets work best in the Discovery and the JSB 18.1 grain Exact Jumbo Heavy pellets work best in the .22 Marauder.

If your budget is around $1000, I guess you could always order the .22 Discovery Combo Package (rifle and pump) and the .22 Marauder and then you'd have both for around the cost of a higher end PCP rifle (around $810 (without cost of shipping or scopes)). If you plan on getting a tank too, I'd highly recommend getting a carbon fiber tank that can be filled to 4500PSI air pressure. If you get a tank that only fills to between 3000 to 3500PSI you either won't get any fills or a mere few fills before there won't be enough pressure in the tank to fill it to your optimal pressure (in the case of the .22 Marauder).

If you use the Discovery, then you will get a few fills out of a 3000 PSI tank before refilling since the fill pressure of the Disco is 2000PSI. Carbon Fiber tank set ups can run from around $400 to $800 depending on size and set up. I use the hand pump to fill most of the time but also have a 17CuFt Carbon Fiber "Guppy" tank set up that I got from and the place I get it filled will fill it to around 4000PSI, maybe a little more. That gives me around (9) fills on the .22 Marauder and around (27) fills on the .22 Discovery. If you can get a place to fill a guppy tank to 4500PSI then you would get around (12) fills for the .22 Marauder.

Whatever you decide upon I hope you have alot of fun shooting and hunting with it.

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I just heard the BSA shroud isnt particularily functional either leaving the Marauder, Huntsman, and AA as the quiet guns.

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