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Well, here's my inletted custom Benjamin Discovery (sans sling studs, scope rings and scope). The stock hasn't been polished to a satin finish yet. I have to wait two days before I do that but I wanted to get some photos so you all could see that my pain and... well more pain was worth the effort. I know it's not perfect, but for my first time inletting a stock I am very happy with it. :D It will look even better once the satin polishing has been done because that will take out the streaks and imperfections in the finish which will give it a much smoother, clean appearance. :653: Here are some photos:

Full View of Discovery with Custom Stock:


View at Back End/Butt End of stock:


View of Trigger Area:


Another View of the Trigger Area:


View at Attachment Screw and Air Gauge Location:


View at Fore End of stock:


The photos aren't fantastic, I know... but I wanted to get some photos up. I'll post some better photos with better lighting once I get the satin polishing done. B)

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That thing almost looks too pretty to shoot! Glad to see all your hard work and patience came out looking so well. But I bet building that will only be half the fun :653::smiley_green_with_envy:

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Thanks everyone! :653: It was definitely enjoyable to see it fit properly and once I get the stock polished and the sling studs on I plan on taking it out somewhere that I can legally shoot it and sight it in, since it is pretty loud (sounds just about the same as a .22LR). I can't wait to test it out and then take it out hunting for some Jack Rabbits and Turkey (since Turkey season starts in two days). The only draw back to this air rifle is it's report. I really wish that they would have made these Benjamin Discovery rifles a little quieter from the factory. Having to take it to the range or out to a shooting spot to run it over a Chrony is going to be a pain in the rear. B) Oh well, I need to find a good shooting range anyway if I'm going to eventually get into hog and deer hunting since I'll need a bigger rifle for that anyway. :smiley_green_with_envy:

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WOW,That is a work of art.Tom

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Today I took the .22 Discovery and swapped the factory hammer spring with a heavier one that I purchased from a member on the GTA Forum. I wanted to get a little more velocity out of my Disco so that I could use heavier pellets, keep the velocity from being too low, and get a bit more FPE so that I can use it to take hunting for Jack Rabbits and Cottontails (when cottontails come into season). It weighs quite a bit less than my .25 M-Rod and so I figure it will be easier to carry this one around all day in the ready hold and have less arm fatigue since it weighs approximately 7 1/2 pounds with scope and sling compared to my .25 M-Rod, which is approximately 10 1/2 pounds with scope and sling.

If I fill to 2000 PSI starting fill pressure I'll get around 13 to 15 good, consistant, usable shots using the JSB 18.1 grain pellets.

Here's the velocities for those shots:

2000 to 2050 PSI Starting Pressure-

Shot #1- 797.2, 2- 803.0, 3- 802.5, 4- 804.4, 5- 805.8, 6- 803.8, 7- 807.8, 8- 806.4, 9- 806.1, 10- 806.7, 11- 806.5, 12- 803.4, 13- 799.6, 14- 802.3 & 15- 797.3

1400 to 1450 PSI Ending Pressure-

Through those (15) shots I get an average of 803.8 with an Extreme Spread of 10.6 and a Standard Deviation of 3.3. From the low to peak velocity I get a variance of 1.32% between those high and low velocities. That will provide a very consistant point of impact throught those (15) shots. It uses approximately 40PSI per shot, which isn't fantastic but it isn't horrible either.

Before the spring change it was shooting the 14.66 grain H&N FTT at between 813 and 842 for (20) shots. So I've not lost much in velocity switching to the heavier 18.1 JSB's and my shot string is way more consistant. :)

Now I've just got to sight it in with the JSB's and then I'll take it out the next time I go Jack Rabbit hunting. The only real drawback of hunting with the Discovery is that it will take me a little longer to reload between shots if I miss. That just means I better not miss! :crazy: Also, the Discovery is not near as quiet as the M-Rod. But if I hit my target I won't really have to worry too much about the "pop" that it makes when I shoot. :)

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