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My new sling

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So the Remington 770 comes with these molded holes for slings ( I tried putting a bipod on there out of curiousity, and it ripped right off on the first shot .30-06 btw). I've been trying to get a swivel stud to fit in to a nicely drilled hole but I cant stabilize it for a bipod. Pretty much decided I'm gonna a shooting stick, but I figured I'd go ahead and put a sling on her. I bought 100 feet of 550 cord and made a few bracelets for practice, then when I was about to start in on the sling my wife offered her services and took over. Its a simple sling but is rather comfortable to be honest. It appealed to me because now I've got a sling and about 80 feet of 550 cord if I need it (hopefully so I can get to some drinking water and forgo the typical lost in the wilderness piss drink a la Bear Grylls). Here it is =D...7 tries later the pic is small enough. How do you guys post such big high quality pictures? >>


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