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Decoy makings

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I was in Wal-Mart with the wife the other day getting some cat food for my personal favorite decoy, oops. I didn't really say that did I. Anyways I spotted this thing for sale called a Kitty Katcher or something like that. It was a plastic unit with a moving bent metal arm swinging around a fuzzball with a tail. My first reaction was to tell the wife that the guys that like using decoys could use something like that, She agreed and said it probably would work well for diverting ol Canis latrans attention. I looked at the price and it was under 20 coyote tails. So, I figured I would let you guys know about this thing. It definately has good potential for a reasonably priced motion decoy for you guys that are up to utalizing its potential. In the pet dept. on a wall shelf in Carson City is where I found this one. Good Calling ...Walt

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