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Just an FYIThought this clothing testimonial might be a value add for some of the guys here at the site.I purchased a Hycreek Pro Series Briar Jacket with some bib overalls last year.http://www.hycreek.com/Waterproof-Briarpro...bs-p/hpb009.htmHow I got here...As a SoCal varmint hunter I found myself in 3 inches of snow one morning in Alteras...way under equipped.OMG...As soon as I got home I had to make an equipment adjustment...and found Hycreek in an NRA magazine.The equipment I got from Hycreek was SUPERIOR and less expensive that other nationally known outfits.The story continues...OK...a year goes by...and I found an issue with my purchase.Here is the value add.I comminicated with these fine folks at Hycreek by email... then all of a sudden...PRESTO... a new replacement item was sent to me without so much as a whimper.It is very rare these days that a company has so much on the ball that they take care of their customers like this.I like Hycreek so much that I would like to buy the "Ice Fishing" foul weather gear...but in SoCal I might have to submit to a 10 day waiting period. :doh[1]:

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Checking other items of theirs out, they have some really good prices on equipment. I'm never sure what to buy as far as jackets as I have a hard time finding temperature ratings so I tend to buy layer able clothes as much as possible so I can constantly change it. This is how I did it when I was in the military and it worked out well except for the occasional fit of claustorphobia when I over did it then got my LBV and ruck on cinched down to tight lol. Good link thanks! I may be buying myself a christmas gift.

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