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First Build

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It has been completed for over a year now, , very happy with it. Best 5 shot group so far @ 100 yds is .354. IMR 3031 25.1 grs / Sierra 52 gr BTHP. In the proccess of working up loads to push 35 Nosler ( lead free ) I had no luck with Hornaday 40 or 45 gr bullets The barrel is a 20 " Wilson varmit brl ,1 in 12 " twist. The action is an Alexander Arms Billet. Jewell trigger. Wanted a float tube with no Picany rails , but they cost more even from the same manufture as the one I installed. I have added a Fulton Armory adjustable butt to the A2 stock. I carried a M-16 for a few years after having been in love with the M-14. It took me 37 years to get over my hatred of the M-16. My son bought me a lower and I was at that point obligated to at least try to build something I would like. I tried to eliminate things off the old M-16 I hated, like not haveing an exteranl bolt handle on the bolt. Being able to leave the rifle married to my cheek even if it failed to eject a round or feed a round into the chamber was my number one complaint of the M-16hope the pictures came out.

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