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Big Thumbs Up to Garmin

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I just picked up a New Garmin Rino off ebay, but the charger that came with it was faulty & wouldn't charge the battery.I contacted the seller on ebay & he gave me a couple options,Send it back to him for a full refund,Contact Garmin & have it replaced through warranty,or have a garmin service center replace it & he would refund me $20I emailed Garmin on Sunday afternoon, I had a reply waiting for me when I got home from work on Monday, saying provide a reciept & my address & they would send me a new charger.I replied with my reciept & address & asked them where they would like me to send the faulty charger.I had a reply waiting for me again saying no need to send in the bad charger & that my new charger had been shipped.Just thought I would share my good fortune. Lee

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