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Ground Squirrel Hunt

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I recently visited my parents and was able to get out to do a little Ground Squirrel hunting, since the little buggers are digging up a field at a ranch right next to where they live and I have permission to hunt using my air rifle there. Both squirrels in the photos were taken with the Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100, break barrel air rifle shown in the photo. Both squirrels were also at about 40 yards or a little more out and were taken with head shots. Pellet used was the Crosman Premier Hollow Point 14.3 grain and travel at an average of 900 FPS out of that gun. Here are a couple of the pics:post-3-1314717713.jpgpost-3-1314717729.jpg These squirrels were hard to stalk because the area has so little ground cover and the squirrels can see you coming from far off. I had to crawl on my stomach and hands and knees to get close enough for a shot without alarming them. Even though it was real challanging, it was a blast when success was achieved.

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