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My New Stubby Is On Its Way

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A new custom Airforce gun capable of over 50 fpe in .22 or .25 using heavy pellets with a 12" barrel. Total length is 27". I had Randy at R&L Airforce Airguns add a bushing so I can put my Condors's shroud on the Stubby for quieter operation around the house. The modified valve makes the 12" barrel shoot like the 24" barrel but with less shots of course. As with all Airforce the gun is completely customizable with barrel lengths and calibers. I can also put my Condors tank/valve on the Stubby for more shots (about 750 fps with Kodiaks but over 45 shots with the 490 cc tank)).A bipod and other accessories can be added from the top rail.I went with the .22 which chrony's Kodiaks at 980 fps (about 35 shots with 15 at full power for hunting with the 490 cc tank) for better trajectory but the .25 is available as well (A new Valve). The stocks are Maddog's by Doug Russell (R&L sells exclusively). I had my name on the list for one a month ago but now the list has grown since the pictures and chrony results have come out. You need a tank for fills on this beast.https://www.rlairgunsupply.com/cart/pages/R...ShopPhotos.htmlStubby.jpg

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You must get charged occasionally. :sport037fn4: Even when I prairie dog hunt I handfeed shells one at a time in my bolt action rifles. I also went to a single feed on my .25 Marauder.

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