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Luxfer Limited 106 CF Composite Cylinder w/ DIN valve

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Newer type tank being sold. They are fiberglass wrapped aluminum. 4350 psi max. 106 cubic feet. They are $400 but I heard some one say they got one for $375 so the cost is the big advantage at the moment. For now they require a 3 year test and 15 year life. Its 28 fills on my Condor's 490 cc tank. It should be 64 fills on a Marauder 215cc ( from 2000 to 3000). Price wise It beats the 44 cu ft used 4500 psi tanks I got for $200. They are heavier than carbon fiber - 33 lbs.tank onlyhttp://www.diveseekers.com/Luxfer_Limited_...6_p/lalw106.htmTank with fill assembyhttp://www.rlairgunsupply.com/cart/product...der-742-57.html

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