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Winchester 1400 bolt stain?

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So I picked up my first winchester 1400 from a buddies dad for really cheap. It has been sitting in his safe for 6 years and was given to him by a friend before that. I do not think that this thing has been cleaned in years....I pulled everything apart and man was it dirty. I have everything pretty much clean except for the breech bolt slide. I cannot seem to get this gray stain out of the metal. I have tried soaking, toothpaste, brushing, CLP.......What else can I do to get this thing looking like new or at least get this stain out?post-3-1301117214.jpg

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Try using some oil and 0000 steel wool. If it starts to come out but is still being stubborn, use brake cleaner instead of oil. It's hard to tell from the pic but it almost looks like a flaw in the bluing rather than a stain. If that's the case you have only a few other choices. You could bead blast or sand it out with really fine sand paper and either re blue it, polish it out, or make the sanding marks nice and straight and leave it with a brushed finnish.

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