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I am working with this company that makes scope mounts that are made for long shooting rather it be a mile for a 50 cal or a .22 rimfire shooting 300 yards. Most of us that are using airguns have expierenced running out of elevation on our scopes shooting long range because of our huge trajectory. All I can say for now is that if I was to site the airgun in at 50 yards I can quickly make a mount adjustment and hit within .5 moa of better at 150 yards. Now that's the claim and I'm going to do a video of it and introduce it to the Airgun World. This is a very trick device and not cheap. I will be a dealer for it and would like a couple more guys who are interested in it after my first review to try it out. I will be able to sell a few at my price (which isn't cheap) at $425 shipped. Lets just see and I will tell all later. The mount itself has a 140 MOA plus what ever your scope has. Quick movement with 20 moa movement and vieneer movment with 1 moa movments right at your finger tips. I promised to give these mounts a real test. I don't think I wreck them as they are made to hold up to a 50 cal. One other thing if your looking for a light gun you may want to pass. The weight of the mounts is a pound. All machined and after assy they hold them to .001 Total tolerance form end to end. Anyway it all sounds cool for long range shooting so I will get back to you all soon. Bone

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