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Legal Clarification on Night Optics in Commiefornia

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After going back and forth via e-mail with a really nice man at Fish & Game, everything was made perfectly clear. If you have ANY night vision device in your possession, it is illegal. Remove it from your hunt bag, your hunt rig, etc. I was under the impression that I could legally use my Gen 1 night vision monocular as long as it was not attached to the rifle. Apparently, I was wrong. You can't use any type of night vision while hunting in Commiefornia....period. Perhaps some of you already knew that but I just wanted to get the official info directly from CA F&G.Allowing night vision devices for hunting non-game animals would make the sport safer, allow for a positive ID of the beast before firing, and generally be a positive benefit. Their argument for prohibition may be that allowing night vision would make poaching game animals easier. Once again (as usual) the law is made so that the actions of a very few with no ethics have a direct, negative effect on the liberty of law abiding citizens. To my mind, that action is wrong headed. Punish the law breakers, not the law abiding.

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