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CA Desert Dog

Brand New Fox & Raccoon Call

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Available from RedHunterLLC, the Griz-N-Gray Distress is the first hand operated predator call of its kind featuring a gray fox pup distress call and raccoon distress call wrapped up in one product that is easy to use.The gray fox distress is made by slowly pumping the rubber bellows and controlling the air flow at the opening of the call with your thumb or hand. The raccoon distress is made by simply holding the Dymondwood call body and shaking the rubber bellows.What typically are two difficult to impossible calls to master that usually require an expensive electronic caller now can be found in one product, the Kettle Creek Calls Griz-N-Gray Distress.8/22/2010 - Scott Francom, Minaska Ourdoors Field Staff, President of Arizona Predator Callers says:”Saturday, 8/21/10, at day break I walked up a desert canyon and set up in a sandy run off ash and began calling with the Griz-N-Gray. Within 8 minutes I had called in four different grays, all of which converged in the wash within a few minutes of each other. When the dust and sand settled,, I was able to harvest two of the four with my rifle. I collected my gear and drove to the next wash a mile down the road. The next stand was much the same, calling in two foxes and taking them both. This pattern continued over and over. By the end of four early morning stands, the Griz-N-Gray had called in a total of nine gray foxes that presented themselves in front of me. Of those nine, I was able to harvest six of them.”See a YouTube demo of this call here.

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