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What to do w/ your Dove?

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I got this recipe from a high volume dove outfitter in Mexico..My flower mixture is only salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. Use as much as you like.Slice up slivers of fresh Jalapeno's (again, as thick and long as you like).Dip 1/2 breast and sliver of jalapeno in flower mix liberally. Place a sliver of jalapeno on the inside (where you cut) breast and fold over like a taco. Use a toothpick to secure the fold.Your extra virgin olive oil should be 1/8" deep and "scorching hot". Place 1/2 breasts in pan w/ the outside of the breast on the pan (looking like a right side up taco).Fry for 3 minutes or until you can see any blood seeping up around the top, around the jalapeno. Flip them over for about a minute and a half and you are good to go.Tips..When I flip them over, I don't use tongs. I use my fingers and grab the toothpicks. Tongs can jack them up and also take off some of the thin batter.If you’re going to use cream cheese, you put that on the Jalapeno before you place it in the fold of the breast. I personally don’t use it.Dipping Sauce - A little watered down sour cream & dill mixture is the hot ticket.This is great for waterfowl too but I like to roast my ducks &

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