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Last night [early evening] my wife calls to me "the gopher is standing up in his hole". Having missed said gopher last Sunday I was out for blood. Went to the closet loaded my gamo with a .177 hollow point and one cock of the barrel and I was out the glass door. He was still there looking around, lined him up in the cross hairs, safety off, squeze..........SNAP! Where did he go? Shot looked good, Honey bring me the flash light. Head shot, fell right back in his tunnel. The Gamo is virgin no more. Love back yard hunting. Longboard

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Great gopher story...got one similar...up on the hill in my backyard I get squirrels...and gophers up there too...well,I went up and cleared some brush to open lanes of fire...and plugged up some old squirrel holes...next day,seen a squirrel up there...shot him with my 850 CO2 .177...and he tried digging franically into a gopher hole I left open...but died before I got up there..PICS..Ranchsquirrels055.jpgRanchsquirrels056.jpg

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