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Pentax Pioneer 4.5 x 14/not pioneer II

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For those who are interested i just purchased a NIB Penatx Pioneer after reading several reviews and forums. Only one out of a dozen gave Pentax a bad review and it was a dealer so I broke out my CC and bought one.A little history before the details on the scope. I wanted a higher power scope for range work than the typical 3x9 that is on most of my hunting rifles. I shoot 1" Hi Vis dots on all my targets and they have become a bit smaller through the years. The biggest thing that sold me on the Pioneer is that I found out they are at least in some part assembled in the same factory as Burris in Greely, COL and that the scopes are almost identical. The overall impression was that it is basically the same scope as the 4.5 x 14 Burris Fullfield II. At best (i like to bargain hunt) the Fullfield II in 4.5 x 14 will run you around 250.00 plus shipping on Ebay. Occasionally shippig included. I have nothing but praise for the Burris Fullfield line. In short I have 3 of them and they are all excellent scopes with great light gathering abilility, smooth adjustments, incredibly clear and sharp optics, and all around IMO absolutely the best scope out there for the money. Now for the Pentax pioneer. It came in the cheapest styrofoam box I have ever seen of any scope. FYI I own Nikon's, Leupold's, Simmons, Weaver, Tasco, Burris and a few others. The top of the box is nice but the body that the scope is housed in is plain white kind of course styrofoam. Not a big deal but obviously a way to cut corners. Upon initial inspection the scope was in almost every way identical to the Burris Fullfield II with just a few cosmetic differences on the bell of eyepiece. It appears they do use the same tube. Mounting was no problem and I was able to zero it very close to the previous scope setting using a sight vise and a large crosshair chart leveled and pinned to my den wall. Range work consisted of fine tuning the scope to zero and shooting about 30-40 rnds of 270 WSM. It held it's zero well and the extra magnification was welcome and very nice. The biggest differences are these: The glass is very good and comparable to the Burris except that it is not as clear edge to edge. If you are not dead center looking through you start to lose your sight picture noticeably easier than with the Burris. It was not unacceptable by any means. In addition the knobs are a bit on the stiff side and the turrets only showed one direction of adjustment on each turret. Down on elevation and right in windage. Again not a big deal but the print is very small comparitively to other scopes and I had to actually pick up the gun and turn it to see the letters. Overall I am fairly pleased with the purchase as I only gave 189.00 incl. shipping and I think I got a pretty good deal on a solid scope. The range of these as I searched was from 400 plus(what a rip) to a little less than I paid. (found out after the purchase) If I knew better would I shell out the extra 60-70 bucks for a Burris? Not sure on that one yet but the point being the two scopes are not identical as some reviews/ research suggest.FYI I found what appears to be the exact same scope on Best Buy website of all places for 30.00 less after I received mine.Another note is that Pentax has discontinued this line and replaced it with the Pioneer II which is a much cheaper and budget minded scope.

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