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I was driving through Utah this week and stopped at Cabela's. I had a few Cabela's points and a gift certificat so I thought I would buy the Fox Pro FX 3. When I got home I was behind in work so I did not get to play with it much. I live in the middle of the city so I tried it on the dog but he was not much fun. I was sitting in my chair and heard a crow out in the back. I thought what the heck it has a few crow sounds lets see what happens. 30 seconds in the back yard and it starts looking like the move "The Birds". There must have been 10 crows circling the back yard. I was home alone so I had to share with someone. I have a friend that I hunt with around the corner. I run down there with the call and set it up across the street. Within one minute the call had called in three neighbors and then the crows started showing up. Within five minutes there must have been 25 crows circling over the call. We started laughing so hard my sides hurt. About that time my friends' 20 year old daughter came out and said we looked like a couple of 8 year olds. I would have to say she was right.I hope this call works for coyotes half as good as it worked for crows.

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