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Optimal bullet weight for 223?

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What is the optimal bullet weight/design for 223 Rem in a 1:9" barrel? Application is paper punching mostly from 100-300 yards but as far out to 500-600 yards. I hear lots of good stuff about the 69gr Sierra Match King and the 52gr SMK for shorter ranges. I stopped by the local shop today and of course they didn't have what I wanted, so I got a box of 52gr SMKs instead to experiment with. I swear, 97% of the time gun shops do NOT have what I need. ;) And they wonder why folks order from the internet...While I was there I overheard a "seasoned" employee tell a customer that "they don't make ballistic charts for the 17HMR, the closest you'll ever find is on a reloading book for the 17Rem". On the way out, I stopped the guy and told him about rimfirecentral, varmint al, etc. He was sure happy I was there. Another reason to never ask a gun shop employees ANY questions about guns. They don't know $&@%. Of course, that was a dumb question too, because any moron can type in "Hornady 17 HMR" on google and instantly get thousands of references, and the ballistic charts have been printed in a bunch of magazines and posted on numerous websites. But the gun shop employee should have seen one of those charts by now, if not, he's WAY out of the loop.[/rant]

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17 HMR and 17 Remington .... hmmmm. That man is a genious!
what what are they not the same thing no wonder the 17 hmr ammor keeps miss firing in the 17 rem I have. Some body should have told me at the gun shop I was buying the wrong ammo/ Robert ;)

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