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Ammoman has 9mm Winchester $159-500 rd Delivered

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Pretty good buy for those who have a 9mm.Darn nice price.9mm WINCHESTER BEB 147 GRAIN" BRASS ENCLOSED BASE "MANUFACTURED IN 2009$100 BELOW RETAIL !This is 9mm Winchester 147 grain Brass Enclosed Base (BEB) Ammo. This ammunition provides a safer indoor range shooting environment by eliminating airborne lead exposure at the firing point. By incorporating a patented lead and heavy metal free primer with a unique brass enclosed base bullet design BEB ammo prevents lead vaporization from the bullet's base. The result is a benchmark for cleanliness with less smoke, less barrel residue and remarkably cleaner guns and shell casings. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases. Packed in 50rd. boxes. Specifications:Ballistic Coefficient: 0.200Suggested use: Target/Range Description: Accurate, Sure Functioning, Controlled Recoil Application: Indoor and Outdoor Range, Plinking, Target and Match Bullet features include: Positive Functioning Excellent Accuracy Brass Enclosed Base Eliminates Lead Vaporization from Bullet Base No Barrel LeadingPart Number #9MM-WINCH147BEB-500, -1000 $159- 500 rounds.DELIVERED

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