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I just picked up a Badlands SuperDay... Got it at the sale that Sportsmans Warehouse was having last weekend. I generally always like to have a pack, as normally hike out around 4-5am while its still super cold and while doing some mileage I normally get hot and like to shed layers, and having a pack to put them in is nice. Aside from carrying clothing I like to keep water, some knives (a good gutting knife and a leatherman), little first aid kit, spare ammo, couple granola bars, space blankets, chlorine (purify water in an emergency), matches, digi camera, license and tags, map & compass, and a little portable GPS unit, and my headlamp and my shooting stick/bipod (stoney point)...Back to the review... Took it up deer hunting the following day (D3-5) season opener, covered some hard miles with this pack, all I can say is I love it! It has built in handgun holster on the waist strap, held my HK USP just fine, has endless pockets, so something always has a pocket to go into, rather than having everything lump together in the bottom of a single large compartment... Definitely makes distributing wait evenly in the pack alot easier... Held my bladder out of my Lowe Alpine 4200 cu in pack fine.... I normally carry my rifle in hand except when going up some gnarly mountains where both hands are required, then I used this packs built in rifle straps, its nice because it allows you to adjust where your rifle is (vertically). Normally don't pack tons of stuff, just enough to get me by for the day (see list above). And it held everything with plenty of room to spare... But so far so good with this pack.... Also, it has straps, so if you dont have anything in the maing compartment and want the pack slim you can cinch them down and pretty much turn this thing so flat it looks like a camel pack.... Didn't get a deer, so cant tell you how well it would pack out a super heavy load; but after we were done hunting Sunday morning, we went fishing to the usual hole (a 5 mile hike around the shoreline from camp) and I can tell you this pack had some weight in it) tackle, lots of beer, water and sandwiches and it did fine with the weight in it....The only downsides I have yet found with this pack are.... The holster is a little far back so if you are worried about being quick draw mcgraw, you still might wanna keep whatever holster you normally use, and the waist pockets have a wierd little crease, that makes them a pain to zip up with one hand while you are on the go (that might just be because of the way the pack fits me though, your mileage may vary). The last comment about this pack, don't know if its good or bad, I guess it depends on the weather you are in... My back got hot and sweaty after wearing it all day, it was 75 degrees out and we were covering some miles, though this wouldnt being applicable in cold weather. On the flip side, some of the "hypervent"no sweat deigns I have heard are great during warm weather but in colder weather I have heard of peoples water bladders actually freezing because there is zero body warmth to keep them above 32...All in all I love the pack while it may not be for everybody, if you are looking for a nice daypack I would highly recommend it. They are pricey ($170ish) which was hard for me to swallow, luckily with the Sportasmans sale 20% off ($136 is alot more doable for me).. But the other thing to remember is they have a full lifetime warranty, no little BS stipulations... you could take your pack and tie it to your bumper and drag it on the asphalt the hole way home, send it back and they will fix it...

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