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EOTech for 16" 223 AR15

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I have built a 20" AR15 with a 4X ACOG for my longer range rifle and now I wanted to build another for a shorter range rifle ( zombie battle rifle/ part time predator rifle) but can't decide on which EOTech. Ive read a few threads that say the 557 is more bigger and bulkier when mounted. all buttons are located on the side as not to interfere with magnifiers is a plus, and that AA batteries are more accessible.This appears to be the mainstream. The XPS2 is more smaller, lighter and offers a choice of 3 reticles (one with a bullet drop.) which I like but requires one 123 lithium battery which is not a common as the AA and all buttons located on the back that would interfere with any magnifier. I plan on going to compare them visually and physically side by side but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts/experiences they can share of their own EOTechs. Thanks, Chuck

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